If you’re like us, all this rain has done a real number on your vegetable gardens, flooded aisles, blown over corn, the list goes on and on. ¬†Oh, and sinking to my ankles in mud is not my idea of ‘tending to the garden’ either.

Looking for some help from the wrath of Mother Nature I came across 9 Vegetable Gardening Tips Following a Heavy Rain, from the VeggieGardener.

Here are the nine tips, check out their full post for more info.

9 Vegetable Gardening Tips Following a Heavy Rain

  1. Survey any plant damage
  2. Try to avoid walking right next to the plants while the soil is still saturated
  3. Check for any exposed roots due to soil erosion
  4. After a heavy rain you may need to replenish nutrients
  5. During the storm (or soon after) look for areas that may be draining poorly
  6. Eliminate possible slug or snail hiding places
  7. Keep an eye on emerging weeds
  8. Empty any containers that have collected water
  9. Keep and eye out for fungal or bacterial diseases

Do you have tips on taking care of your garden after storms, please share them!

-The Louiso Family