Do you love the look of succulents but can’t seem to keep them alive? Do you typically have a green thumb (or not!) but succulents just don’t appear to be your thing? It sounds like you need a little Succulents 101!

There are several reasons why succulents just don’t make it, and by making a few tweaks, you can get some amazing results. Take a look at 7 reasons your succulents are dying so you can give your succulents the care they need for success!

  1. You Are Giving Them Too Much Water
  2. The Planting Container is Too Small
  3. The Planting Container Doesn’t Provide Drainage
  4. Your Succulents Aren’t Warm Enough
  5. They Are Too Compacted
  6. Your Soil Isn’t Nutrient Rich
  7. You Need to Transplant Them


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