Autumn just may be my favorite season. The air gets cooler and the leaves on the trees change color and fall activities are in full swing.

We have lots of new things coming at Louiso’s and October’s specials are perfect buys for this crisp fall we are starting.

  • Fall Hunting Sale:

    • Deer Stands, Trail Cameras, Blinds, Feeders and Targets are 15% off.

    • Record Rack Deer Corn is $6.00/40lb bag.

  • Loyall Originals are $3.00 off the 40lb bag.

  • Feather Fixer Pellets are $2.00 off .

  • Thermaglo Premium Wood Pellets are $4.10/bag or $205/ton.

Are you a horse owner?

Have you heard of Topline Balance, Nutrena’s unique approach to topline health?

A horse’s topline — the muscles that support the spine, from neck to hindquarters — austin_colored2xplays an important role in how a horse performs, looks and feels. While exercise, saddle fit, genetics and age are most frequently blamed for a poor topline, nutrition actually plays the most critical role. Nutrena is placing this concept at the forefront of our suite of nutrition solutions, so that your horse can benefit from having the healthiest topline possible.

Want to learn more about topline?
Visit – to get started, click on one of the 4 factors of topline below.

Ready to assess your own horse?
Visit the Topline Balance site or visit us in store to help evaulate your horse’s topline.

After you assess your horse, we will give a feed recommendation based on Nutrena® feeds. Nutrena® feeds are designed to deliver highly bioavailable amino acids in the correct amounts and ratios, so your horse can readily access the resources it needs for a steady improvement in topline condition. Look for the Topline Balance™ logo on these Nutrena® feeds to know you’re choosing the right product for healthy topline.

Visit us in store at 1223 Old SR 74, Batavia OH 45103 or call (513) 271-5665,