10 Nutty Facts to Make You Appreciate Squirrels

Why exactly is National Squirrel Appreciation Day (January 21) so popular? Maybe it’s because squirrels are adorable, and extremely fun to watch. Maybe it’s the many hats they wear (not real hats — please don’t put hats on squirrels). What I mean is, they play a variety of roles, like acrobat, bandit, gardener, trickster and much more. I set out to discover why these creatures are worthy of their own day, and after you read the facts, you might just appreciate squirrels a little more.

  1. Squirrels can find food buried beneath a foot of snow.
  2. A squirrel’s front teeth never stop growing.
  3. Squirrels may lose 25% of their buried food to thieves
  4. They zigzag to escape predators
  5. Squirrels may pretend to bury a nut to throw off potential thieves.
  6. A newborn squirrel is about an inch long.  (Awwwe!)
  7. Humans introduced squirrels to most of our major city parks.
  8. Squirrels are acrobatic, intelligent and adaptable.
  9. They get bulky to stay warm during the winter.
  10. Squirrels don’t dig up all of their buried nuts, which results in more trees!
(Click here for full information on the 10 squirrel facts.)

Now, what about the birds…

It doesn’t matter where you live — in an apartment, townhouse, or single family dwelling, in the city, suburbs or country.  Just stand still and you’ll hear them: wild birds.  It’s hard to imagine life without them.

Bird watching is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the country.  It’s easy to understand why.  Birds are fun to watch. And you can watch a variety of bird species just about everywhere.  The most convenient place to start is right in your own backyard.  All it takes to get their attention is water, food, and a place to build a nest.

The Wild Bird Journal has a wealth of information for caring for and feeding birds based on season and type.

We could spend a long time browsing Bird Watcher’s Digest, they have lots of information on identifying, feeding birds and information on clubs, and events.