The leaves are changing and fall is here, making it a perfect time to take Max, Buddy or Lucy out for a nice long walk before the deep freeze of winter arrives.

Here are a few autumn safety pet tips from the Humane Society of the United States and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

  • Animals, even with fur, need extra energy to produce body heat in the colder temperatures. Be sure to provide them with extra food and water so they can adequately fuel their bodies in chilly weather.
  • Make sure school supplies are put away in places cats and dogs can’t reach; colorful markers and glue sticks could become toys chewed by pets, upsetting their stomachs.
  • When hiking in the woods or along nature paths, be wary of snakes warming their bodies on the walking path and make sure dogs don`t eat any wild mushrooms. Although they may look appealing, these mushrooms could be poisonous.
  • Warm car engines are dangerous for cats and small wildlife. Parked cars attract small animals that may crawl up under the hood looking for warmth. To avoid injuring any hidden animals, bang on your car`s hood to scare them away before starting your engine.
  • Antifreeze is a deadly poison but has a sweet taste that attracts animals and children. Wipe up spills and store antifreeze out of reach. Better yet, use antifreeze-coolant made with propylene glycol; if swallowed in small amounts, it will not hurt pets, wildlife or people.