Our Ohio summer is here, hot and humid.  We’ve been pretty lucky with our summer heat (minus all the rain!).  Keeping your pets active and comfortable in the summer heat is important.

Besides trying to keep your pet cool inside in the air conditioning, I’ve pulled together some helpful tips and a few yummy cool treat recipes to help keep your pooches cool!


Take your dog to the lake or stream for a swim. (On leash for safety)

Go on walks or hikes in the early mornings or late in the day.

Take shorter walks or hikes, find shaded trails or locations to walk.  Your dog won’t need much exercise when they are hot.

Make sure you have plenty of water for your dog and you.

Get your dog’s hair cut shorter in the summer, if their coat allows.

Use sunscreen on your dog if he has very short hair.


Leave your pet in your car; it’s like an oven even for a few minutes

Walk or run on pavement – its very hot on their pads.

Cool Summer Treats….

Homemade Dog Ice Cream

Frozen Kong Treats

Peanut Butter Banana Yogurt Treats

For more hot weather treats, check out our Dog Treat board.